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10,000ton JCO Pipe Line Used Equipment.

10,000ton JCO Pipe Line Used Equipment.

1. General specification

Maker Korean manufacturer

Installation date 2008. Nov.

Production type KS, JIS, ASTM, API,

Material API 5L. 2B. X-80 under mild steel

Product capacity     70,000ton/year

Product size         O.D---------------16”~66”

Length 5~16m

Thickness 9~80mm

Electric power       3p440v or 380V, 220v 60Hz

2. Manufacturing Process

3. List and Specification of Equipment

1). Edge miller


MakerSeokwangkiyeon  Korea

Plate working width    1100~5300mm

Plate weight   Max.16ton/sheet

Working thickness      6~80mm

Working length        5000~16000mm

Shaped slopes         Y.X.J Type

                      Plate milling tool

Working capability     SS400 based

6.8~20T apply : 2.1m/sec.

30~40t apply : 1.1m/sec.

2). Pre-bender


Maker    Duksung   Korea

Type    Sequential ends bending type

        80ton x 2head

Bending speed   6~15min./piece (16m based)

Pressurized cylinder   Ø400 x 65st x 2sets(up)

Pressurization rate   6.5mm/sec.

Bending available width 100~300mm

Max. pressure           300kg/cm2

3). 10,000ton Press


Maker   Wiah Ltd    Korea

OD             16”~66”,

Thickness       6~80mm,

Length         Max.16m

Power           10,000tons

Main cylinder   Ø900x1820stx6sets(SC49)

Control  Ends synchro control(CNC)

         Self-diagnosis system

         Anti-sag of bottom die

Press ram speed  down (70mm/sec.)

Pressurized (7.2mm/sec.)

Up (60mm/sec.)

Hydraulic unit     18000litter,300kw x 2sets

Cooler (30RT)

4). Tack welder


Maker   Seokwangkiyeon  Korea

CO2 welder   solid 600A

Seam tracking unit composition

Main cylinder   75ton x 5sets

Stroke   700mm

Down speed   5~50mm/sec.

Feeding speed   2.0~3.5m/sec.

Hydraulic unit  motor 50hp. pump,

Tank 1600L

5). Inside welder


Maker   Lincoln   U.S.A

Jaewoon  Korea

Type   3-pole submerged arc welder


Full automatic system(seam tracking)

DC welder  1500A, 22~60V

AC welder  1000A  44V max.

Welding speed  0.1~2.6m/sec.

Welding rod speed  0.53~7.62m/min.

Inside welder    1set

Outside welder   2sets

6). Outside welder

7). Pipe coater


Range(O.D/length)   Ø406~Ø1676/0.5~16m

Type  Gas cut/plasma

profile cut & gouging

Cut thickness  6~50mm

Control        CNC servo 5axis control

Cutting speed  max.0.5m/min.



Lifting   Disc roller+cylinder up/dn+idle roll

8). 3,000ton calibration


Maker  Kukdomachinary  Korea

Power    3000ton

Main cylinder  Ø860 x 1200st x 2set(SC49)

Sub cylinder  Ø240 x 1200st x 2set

Operation pressure  260kg/cm2

Ram speed  down  100mm/sec.

Pressurization  4~6mm/sec.

Up  120mm/sec.

Hydraulic unit  3500L(250kw x 1set)

Front & rear conveyor 16m/ Hydraulic link

9).3,500ton calibration


Maker  Seokwangkiyean  Korea

Power     3500ton

Main cylinder   Ø1300x 500st (SC49)

Mold change time  20min.

Calibration time  10mun./1piece (Ø1016 x 25t x 12m based)

Operation pressure   290kg/cm2

Ram speed  down   180mm/sec.

Pressurization   5~10mm/sec.

Up   200mm/sec.

Hydraulic pump  

tank (7000L, 500rev x 150hp x 6p x 2sets)

10). End facing


Maker   Jaewoon Ind.  Korea

Bevel angle  22.5°, 3037.5°, 45°,90°

Cutting time  OD 16”~66”/L 5~16m

Cutting power  150kw x 2set

Moving(F/R)  3kw servo motor

Cutting moving speed  0.1~0.6mm/rev.

Spidle moving  AC3kw

Hydraulic unit  22kw  140kg/cm2

11). Hydro test


Maker   SeAh ENT   Korea

Max. test pressure  256kg/cm2

Test range  OD 16”~66”/ L 5~16m

Water supply pump  110kw x 2sets

High pressure pump  50kw x 2sets

Max. tension power  4500ton

Pressure holding time  5~15sec.

12). Auto ultrasonic


Maker   Kungdoyangsang  Korea

Spiral pipe  25channel/27probe

JCO pipe  32channel/32probe

Plus hz.  0.6~15khz.adjust 0.1unit

Plus delay  0~1000 micro sec. adjust 1unit

Receive  gain  0~60db adjust 0.5unit

Frequency range  0.4mhz~30mhz.

Seam tracker

Defect marking system

Water pump recovering system

Buggy car speed  5~60mm/sec.

13). Auto radiographic test


Maker   Hojinind.  Korea

Rear time X-ray

Max. voltage  225kv

Output       4mmA / 0.64kv

X-ray photons---high sensitivity image

Change---display on the monitor

Baggy car moving type

Test speed  5~60mm/sec.

Test thickness range  6~26mm

14). Drop weight tear test(DWTT)


Maker  Dainsystec.  Korea

Test  free-drop way of striker

Capacity  14700~102900 joule

Weight of strioker

 Base 1250kg(weight 250kg 5ea = 1250kg

Impact speed    4.8~9m/sec.

Fall height       1.2~4.2m/sec.

Fall guide        Hard chromium column

Teflon guide

Elevation         Motor with winch

Releas            Electro magnet

Shock absorbing   Oil press 120kj

15). Roll table & conveyor

16). Power & control panel. Desk

17). Laboratory

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