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1200Ton AIDA, 1991

1200Ton AIDA, 1991


The number of stages:6 stages


Slide stroke: 600 mm

SPM: 13-26

Die height: 1100 mm

Slide adjustment: 100 mm

Slide area: 4500 mm x 1900 mm

Bolster area: 4500 x 2100 mm

Window: 3000 x 3000 mm

Motor:150 KW

Max. coil thickness: 2.3 mm

Max. processing size:Min.160 x 450~Max.620 x 1400 mm

(Die cushion)

Stroke:160 mm

80 ton

(Transfer equipment)

Feed stroke:750 mm

Clamp stroke:250 mm

Clamp minimum inside width:900 mm

Clamp maximum inside width:2160 mm

Lift stroke:120-150 mm

Feed drive motor:AC SERVO 30 KW

Clamp drive motor:AC SERVO 11 KW

Lift drive motor:AC SERVO 11 KW

Max upper mold weight:200kg



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