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14ft Jetline Engineering LWI-168Z GTAW Longitudinal Seam Welder 
w/ wireless rc, elevating rollers...etc

14ft Jetline Engineering LWI-168Z GTAW Longitudinal Seam Welder 2013

w/ wireless rc, elevating rollers...etc

LWI - Internal Longitudinal Seam Welders

•The standard designs offer welding lengths that range from 72” (1825 mm) to 300” (7600 mm) and can accommodate a minimum part diameter of 55” (1400 mm). The machine will accommodate any maximum diameter that you can conveniently handle.

•For seam welding cylinders, tanks, flat sheets with GTAW, PAW, GMAW and SAW processes

•Designed for large diameter cylinders, tanks, and heavy wall plate

•The sturdy base structure takes place of the mandrel

•Carriages use hardened bearings and precision DC motor with tach generator feedback

•Various speed ranges and speed holding accuracies are 


•Copper backing bars and reversible copper finger tips are 


•Comes standard with 9627 microprocessor motion controller


•9900 Computer Based Controller

•Hydraulic tilting tabletop and/or hydraulic centering plate 


•Elevating rollers and part loading conveyors

•VMS (video monitoring system) and operator podium

•Wireless remote control for finger operation

Price $ POR


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