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4000Ton, 5500x6000mmTable CCP-YETM 4 Post Hydraulic Press

4000Ton, 5500x6000mmTable CCP-YETM 4 Post Hydraulic Press


Press max effort 4000 t

- internal ram max effort 3000 t, 

- external ram max effort 1000 t, 

Max cold punching effort 2000 t, 

Movable table size 5500x6000 mm, 

Central ejector effort 900 t, 

Side ejector effort 100 t, 

Distance between columns:

- on loading side 5900 mm, 

- on control side 4100 mm, 

Max distance between table and ram 3750 mm,

Rams up/downstroke speed, max 20 cm/sec, 

Pressing speed, max 10 cm/sec, 

Table travel speed 20 cm/sec, 

Overall dimensions WxL 25250x15500 mm, 

Height over/under floor 13370/7500 mm, 

Weight 1323.7 t

1. The Press has 1 main cylinder, 1 cylinder ejector (lower) 2 presser cylinders, 4 cylinders lift the body and including a dozen smaller auxiliary cylinders (lock multiplier etc.).

2. The Pressure unit is max. 200 bar. There are 4 units - 2 original USSR and 2 mentioned a few years ago, my f-PRATISOLLI (Italy), also pressure max. 200 bar.

3. The pumps are equipped with two engines and two 75kW motors 110kW for a total drive power of 370KW. During normal operation work max. 2 pumps, the rest are the reserve.

4. The position control is equipped with a manual and foot control spool valves, gauges pressure reading in various places of power, lights to indicate activation of individual pumps and circuits. Control of the press performed by an 

experienced employee with midfielders controlling the movement of work from different locations

Control of the press performed by an experienced employee with midfielders controlling the movement of work from different locations.


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