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Identification K1 K2

location according to scheme 02 03

technology OXYVIT OXYVIT 

manufactured by

erection 1981, GO 1992 1991

bottom blowing of oxygen and powdered lime, post combustion of CO with use of two lateral ceramic 

nozzles (K1) or  with water cooled lance (K2)

hot metal (pig iron) charging amounts over 70 % of metallic charge   

heat size 75 t

tap to tap time 40 – 45 min

time of flow oxygen 13 – 17 min

time of taping 3 – 7 min

carburizing additives, alloying additions and deoxidation agents are dosed automatically into ladle from 

the containers during taping (as the first steps of deoxidation and alloying) 


location according to scheme 06

technology VD, VOD

manufactured by HEAVY MACHINERY

erection 2006

modern two-caisson equipment usable for: vacuum degassing under 1 mbar, chemical reheating, decarburization, desulphurization, removal of non-metallic inclusions, fine adjustment of chemical composition, thermal and chemical homogenization and inclusions modification

alloying device 6 storage bins system

four core wire and tube feeder

works on both caissons in simultaneous regime

equipment ensures reliable production of micro-alloyed and special steel grades with special 

requirements including deep dehydrogenization and desulphurization of steel and precise alloying 

in the required time and with minimum heat losses


location according to scheme 04

manufactured by VAI

erected 1995

transformer 12 MVA

electrodes graphite with diameter 300 mm

dedusting system dry

argon station 50 – 200 Nl/min

alloying device 6 storage bins system 

two core wire and tube feeder

measuring and sampling device with manual probe changing

LF is used for heating, purging and alloying steel


location according to scheme 07

manufactured by MANNESMANN DEMAG

erected 1995

annual slab production 950 000 t

slab sizes thickness: 145, 180 and 250 mm

width: 800 – 1 580 mm

mother slab length: 4,5 – 9 m

mould length           904 mm  

machine radius 8 m

metallurgical length 22,067 m

casting speed 0,2 – 2 m/min

tundish capacity 15 t

number of segments 12 (segment no. 0 plus segments no. 1 – 11)

soft reduction segments no. 8 – 11

operating system (2nd level) system VAX made by VAI

operating system (1st level) PCIM made by MDH

slab torch cutter GEGA

slab marker STOMMEL & VOOS


location according to scheme 47

manufactured by Gega Lotz GmbH

type K 7137

function one side /one pass scarfing

erected 2009

type of the machine scarfing machine with slab transport car and tool carriage 

sizes and weights of slabs thickness: 145, 180 and 250 mm

width: 800 – 1 580 mm

length: 6 000 – 9 000 mm

weight: 9,36 – 27,73 t

carbon equivalent: 0,02 – 0,30 %

temperature: 20 – 600 °C

scarfing machine is used for removing shell defects of slabs 

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