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DINGLIN Q-6960 Shot Blasting Line

DINGLIN Q-6960 Shot Blasting Line



Max part size (structures)......W x L x H 20ft x 80ft x 20 inch 

Part material Carbon Steel 

Shot Blasting Chamber size...W x L x H 23 x 26 x 26ft(13ft under floor approx) 

Blast wheel numbers 12 

Blast wheel motor 15kw/each one 

Dinglin shotblasting line 20 ft x 80 ft x 20 inches

PLC Control System SIEMENS or OMRON 

Frequency Convertor SIEMENS or MITSUBISHI 

Total power of the Blasting Line approx. 400KW 

Total Length of the blasting line 210 ft 

Total weight approx. 100 tons 


Item # Description 

1. Foundation (the Buyer make it according to the builder drawing) 

2. Roll Conveyor...Entrance 

3. Roll Conveyor inside Blasting Chamber 

4. Front Hermetical Chamber 

5. Shot Blasting Chamber 

6. Electrical System 

7. Shot Elevator 

8. Shot Collection Conveyor...traverse 

9. Shot Collection Conveyor...Horizontal 

10. Rear Hermetical Chamber 

11. Ladder 

12. Roll Conveyor...Exit 

13. Shot Separator 

14. Dust Collection System 

15. Shot Feeding System 

16. Pneumatic Control System 

17. Shot Blasters 

18. Blasting Line Brand + Model: DINGLIN Q-6960 


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